Kalıpyansan Is Attending WIRE 2018, the Greatest Wire Exhibition Of the World

Kalıpyansan is attending WIRE 2018, the greatest wire exhibition of the world

Having produced die springs in compliance with ISO 10243 standard, Kalıpyansan sets target to increase its market share by bringing the price performance advantage in domestic market provided with the new generation mechanical die springs it produced firstly in Turkey to the international market.

Kalıpyansan Die Springs are qualified to meet special requirements of the production in all die and machinery sectors with their 6 different load classes (4 different loads with ISO 10243 Standards and 2 different loads with Kalıpyansan Standards) and engineered for high performance and long service life

Mr. Sinan Eryavuz, the founder of Kalıpyansan, says “The die springs we have produced with high efficiency under complete controls following the whole production process from raw material input till the finished product output have been passing through the quality control process successively.”